About Cobra Trading

About Cobra Trading

Cobra Trading is…
• Privately owned and operated since 2009
• Supplying domestic markets
• Member of ISRI
• Flexible pricing and payment options to meet our customers’ needs
• Buyers of ferrous and nonferrous metals
• Operations in Twinsburg, OH and Louisville, KY
• Privately owned COBX gondolas for use of hauling scrap metal


The Best and Reliable Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Brokers With Operations in Twinsburg, OH and Louisville, KY

Finding scrap metal brokers may be easier with the technology that we have now. With just a click of a button through a search engine, you will probably have a thousand hits for the thing that you are searching for. But if you are looking for the best and reliable ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal brokers, a search engine is not enough. Being recognized as the best reveals the standard of being the best. One of the standards would be the kind of value that the brokerage company gives to its customers and the convenience it provides. The kind of scrap metal brokerage company that cares for the relationship that it establishes with its customers and continually strengthens it with every transaction made. To tell you the truth, you do not need to look far because Cobra Trading LLC is here, the leading ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal brokerage company in a conveniently large service area in the United States with operations in Twinsburg, OH and Louisville, KY.

Started in 2009, Cobra Trading LLC has grown into a trusted, respectable and leading brokerage and trading company of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal. From suppliers to consumers, Cobra Trading is well diversified with its market knowledge, reliable supply chain and niche customer accounts. Equipped with up-to-date technical knowledge and skills needed in the industry and a well-oiled supply chain, Cobra Trading LLC provides you with the satisfaction that you are looking for.


Commitment to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Our brokers are committed to working out in the field every day to build and maintain our relationships. Since 2009, our goal has been to become one of the most respected leaders in the ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal brokerage industry in the whole country, starting with our operations in Twinsburg, OH and Louisville, KY.

Our brokers and other staff members have a renowned reputation in the industry and have made an incredible mark in the industry. We broker scrap metal to mills and foundries domestically in the United States. Our customers know we follow through month in/month out and offer value beyond price.

If you are looking for expert and friendly ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal brokers that care about the relationships, the turnaround and the quality of service you receive, we would love to talk with you.


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