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Cobra Trading
Timeline of Recent News

Jan. 2009 | Start of Cobra Trading

Oct. 2011 | Cobra Trading buys its first private marked rail cars.

Dec. 2011 | Cobra Trading expands territory and opens southeast regional office.

Jan. 2012 | Cobra Trading celebrates its 3rd year anniversary!

Sept. 2012 | Cobra Trading adds more rail cars to its fleet!

Jan. 2013 | Cobra Trading celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Sept. 2013 | Cobra Trading adds even more rail cars to its fleet!

Oct. 2013 | Cobra Trading purchases and moves to first building for new headquarters/corporate office

Dec. 2013 | Cobra Trading is proud to announce 5 successful years in business!

Jun. 2014 | Cobra Trading adds more rail cars to its fleet!

Jun. 2014 | Cobra buys first steel dump trailer

Oct. 2014 | Cobra buys Shared Logic software

Dec. 2014 | Cobra adds 2nd steel dump trailer

Dec. 2014 | Cobra Trading celebrates its 6th anniversary!

Jan. 2015 | Cobra buys first Olympus handheld analyzer gun

Dec. 2015 | Cobra Trading celebrates 7 years in business!

Jun. 2016 | Cobra Trading LLC purchases first 3 Steel framed dump trailers

Dec. 2016 | Cobra Trading LLC reaches 8 year milestone in business

Apr. 2017 | Cobra Trading LLC purchases more Roll Off boxes and Self Dumping Hoppers